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The Design Is Murder, Book Five of the Murders by Design Mystery Series by Jean Harrington

      Interior designer Deva Dunne should be focusing her attention on buying a new home with Lt. Victor Rossi. But in typical Deva-style, she's got her mind on everyone else's abodes. Keeping her busy are her two newest clients, who have a lot in common. They both live on Whiskey Lane, and both were involved with the same woman. Coincidence or competition?

      James Stahlman believes Stew Hawkins moved into the house across the street to terrorize him after he became engaged to Kay, Stew's ex-wife. But Stew is over it. He's remarried—and to someone much younger. When both women are found "accidentally" dead weeks apart, Deva thinks there's something afoot on Whiskey Lane. Coincidence or murder?

      Deva can't stay away…as much as her protective fiancé would like her to. And it's becoming clear that someone thinks Deva's seen too much. With the list of suspects growing, and Deva and Rossi that much closer to becoming homeless—really, where are they going to live?—she'll have to sift through the clues herself, or there'll be no happily ever after.

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