A big “Hello” to all and a question:  

How did I ever become the author of a murder mystery series? It’s an enigma. I mean, think about it: I’m scared of dark alleys between midnight and three a.m. (I’m not too crazy about them at noon, either.) Public hangings don’t turn me on. Or cruelty. Or drive-by shootings. Ditto for torture.

Yet here I am, introducing myself as the writer of books whose central theme is crime of the worst sort—the taking of human life. Strangely, an answer to this puzzle does exist.

The truth, as we all know, is that danger and death lurk like villains in alleys, ready to pounce without warning. We may not think of this on an hourly or even daily basis. For if we did, we’d probably go nuts. But still, the realization lurks in our collective subconscious. Why else is the fight or flight syndrome wired into our DNA?

That’s where books like the ones in the Murders by Design or the Listed and Lethal Series come in. They take our fears, lay them out on the table (or tablet!) so they can be seen and give us a chance to face them down. And if these stories about danger and death are written tongue-in-cheek with a touch of light-hearted humor, so much the better. They remind us that life, even with its perils, is good. Very, very good. So to celebrate, you’re invited to scroll around on the Excerpts Page and see for yourself what my mysteries are like.

Jean Harrington